Welcome to my enchanted forest


The Forest

This was the longest project I’ve ever done since It started one year ago and I finished it few days ago. I had some “inspiration troubles” during its construction, I had color palette troubles too…It was a little nightmare this dress but I’m glad I was able to finish it anyway! You can find sewing … Leggi tutto The Forest

Daisies for my Mum

It’s been a while since I love to make clothing for my mum too. This year, for her bday, I decided to make something simple but special for her. Since we live in the countryside and she loves plants & flowers, I sketched a cute project for her in order to let her wear her … Leggi tutto Daisies for my Mum

Rivers Mermaid

My latest dress is Rivers mermaid, done in two/three months. I had some troubles making it since it was a little bit hard to figure out what I wanted to make. Usually I start with a sketch but while I make the dress many thing changes.This is what at the end I had. I made … Leggi tutto Rivers Mermaid

Morning Walk Bolero

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a bolero I did in the past few days. It took me a while to be published since I’m making a whole new collection for my costumers, and I’m sewing many pieces in the same time! So, let’s talk about this bolero! I have done a fast sketch that I’m … Leggi tutto Morning Walk Bolero

The Secret Garden Skirt

Hello guys! The Secret Garden skirt took me a while since the embroidery pattern I’ve done was very time consuming. The main idea was to make something I could wear everyday. (don’t worry, I’m still doing huge costumes too!). I used a blue dwill cotton and an half circle skirt pattern. I started embroidering branches which … Leggi tutto The Secret Garden Skirt

Floral Bookmark with Roses

Hello guys! Today I’m sharing some floral bookmarks I made. Some of you asked me to have a tutorial too, so grab a copy here! As I love to read different books at the same time, I don’t have enough bookmarks for them all! Also It’s been a while since I wanted to make some … Leggi tutto Floral Bookmark with Roses