Edwardian Tucked Shirt – 1900 ca.

Sewing patterns are available HERE While I finish the sewing patterns for the S-Bend corset, which will be soon available, I’m sharing with you the tucked shirt I’ve done for the Edwardian ensemble I did this summer. This shirt was the trickiest every done, it took me a lot just to figure out how it … Leggi tutto Edwardian Tucked Shirt – 1900 ca.

Herbalist Corset

Sewing patterns are available HERE Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I’m gonna share with you a project I finished in April and I never shared here. I wanted to make a fantasy corset based on historical patterns, so I decided to give another try to my Autumn Breeze Corset, making some alterations here and … Leggi tutto Herbalist Corset

Roses Witch

Sewing Patterns are available HERE Hello guys, and welcome to another project I’ve finished.I’m very happy with this projects ‘cos it’s on my to-do list since a while. As always sewing patterns are available here As most of my outfits I started with the top, making a matching corset based on 1830 patterns. It’s the … Leggi tutto Roses Witch

Mock up – Lady Ween’s Patterns

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! Today I’m sharing a mockup I’ve done for the upcoming Lady Ween’s sewing patterns, which will cover S-XXL sizes.Since the spooky season is coming, this is the perfect dress for Halloween parties and activities! If you’re new around here this is a photo of the costume … Leggi tutto Mock up – Lady Ween’s Patterns

A change

It’s been a while since my latest post. I had many thoughts about this blog and if I wanted to continue it or not. I had many thoughts on my business too. I love to make many things and I think that focusing on just one it’s something that doesn’t work for me and makes … Leggi tutto A change